Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Spring time is an excellent time of the year to begin small and large home improvement projects. In some cases, the homeowner may want to completely renovate a room in their home. Or, they may decide to make a few simple changes to the overall theme in specific areas. In either event, it is important for each individual to choose the type of theme that they desire along with buying the associated accessories. With this said, one popular theme that people like to create is the nautical decor.

 Anchor Lighting Chandelier

 3 Light Escotilha Nautical Chandelier

Before making a final decision on this option, however, people will need to make sure that they are doing their research well in advance. This is because these themes can be relatively expensive to create if the owner is working within a limited budget allowance. For instance, the owner of the home may decide to change out the lighting in the room to nautical lighting if they want to open the room up and make it more lively. Nautical lighting can be ideal for many start-up projects since it can give the owner a foundation to build upon.

 1930's Half Mile Ray Searchlight

1930's Half Mile Ray Searchlight Perfect Nautical Decor 
 Light Wall Sconce from the Charleston Collection

Three Light Nautical Chandelier from the Cadernal Collection

 Nautical Solid brass D'Avo Pendant with pulley

 Ship's Wheel Motif Ceiling Fixture

Because some people are more creative than others, the owner of the home may find that they have a lot of leeway in creating an innovative nautical look. Therefore, they may choose specific kinds of magazines that can help with nautical decorations. For instance, the owner may want to decorate a child’s room with a wide variety of different traditional colors. In specific, they may want to start off with a multi-color baby blue and navy blue theme that’s centered around the child’s telescopes. Or, they may choose another item in the room to highlight. For instance, if someone in the family or friend has given a child different types of nautical gifts, they can be used as the focal point in developing the decor.

Telescopes For Nautical Themed Design 

 Brass Anchor Light

 Decorative Life Rings

Decorative  Life Rings are Perfect Addition to Nautical Themed Interior 

Nautical Themed Kids Bedroom Idea image source 

Maritime Signal Marconi Spot Light Nautical Home Decorating Idea image source 


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