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You don't need to be a sailor to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing decor, that is ship models and everything nautical. For whatever reason, be it pirate movies, marines, dark spiced rum or bodybuilders with anchor tattoos, everything 'cool' relies on nautical symbolism, ideology or symbols. There's something about a life at sea that brings out the heart and soul in all of us. For this reason, you've decided (very rightly so, I might add) that it's about time to work some nautical decor into your home, leaving you with one less house and one more ship cabin. Here are some tips for bringing out the most in your new, sailorfied home.

Portrait of Photographer Charles Thomas Cottrell with Sailboat Model images source 

Tall Ship

Baltimore Clipper source 

 1800's Baltimore Clipper Harvey

1800's Baltimore Clipper Harvey Model Ship 

Originally known as a Virginia-built boat, the fast and lean craft that was built at Fells Point and other locations evolved over time, emphasizing speed, weatherly sailing abilities, and handling over everything else. A Baltimore Clipper type can best be defined by extremely tall and raking masts, very little rigging, low freeboard, great rake at both the stem and stern, with the keel featuring a great amount of drag from front to rear. A Baltimore Clipper features a great deal of deadrise, and slack bilges. They had a decent amount of beam for their length and were flush-decked for easy handling of guns and sails.

Tall Ship Model Rigging

Model Ship and Coastal Interior Design images source 

 America's Cup Shamrock V 1930 in Wooden Frame

America's Cup Shamrock V 1930 in Wooden Frame

Home Office image source 

 USS Constitution, Old Ironsides

Famous American Tall Ship Model USS Constitution, Old Ironsides 

Model Ships in Nautical Themed Bedroom Design source

Incorporating Telescopes in Nautical Themed Interior Design image source 

Pirate Ship Design Kids Bedroom image source 

Nautical Themed Home Office Interior image source

Telescopes Fully Functional and Decorative at Same Time image source 

1. Keeping it Simple

If you're simply looking at throwing around some ship decor without going all out with it, your best bet is to work some model ships into your living space. Some nice, tall ship models can turn heads and drastically change the atmosphere of a room without leaving the rest of your decor worthless. When incorporating other styles alongside your inner sailor, ship models are always the way to go.

 Anchormaster Telescope

Sailboat Models are Great Nautical Decorative Item

 Cutty Sark Wooden Model Ship

Cutty Sark Wooden Model Ship 

Tall Ship Model Hanging From Ceiling, Great Idea source 

Model Ship In The Restaurant image source 

Large Floating Tall Ship Model

 Newport Sloop Sailboat Model

Newport Sloop Sailboat Model 

 1805 HMS Victory Admiral Nelson’s Flagship

 1805 HMS Victory Model Ship Admiral Nelson’s Flagship

Half Hull Model Ships in the Entryway photo image 

Decorating With Wooden Surfboard Nautical Design  source 

Ship Model and Lanterns Above Fire Place Looks Magical image source 

2. Going All Out

If keeping it simple isn't your thing, we've got some tips for you as well. If you're looking to completely revamp your home, you should be looking beyond model ships. Of coarse, these are still necessary, but this is where you can incorporate things of a larger scale. Ship wallpaper? Why not? Ship bed frames? Definitely. Nothing makes your new ships stick out like the proper background. The lesson here is that keeping it simple with model ships or going all out are your two best options. Having a sailor-centric dining room with an industrial-looking kitchen just doesn't work as well as it could.

Nautical Decor and Interior Decorating 

3. Use The Right Colors

Of coarse, your new ship decor can be any color you want. But if you happen to be painting, buying new furniture or pillows, etc. blue and white are your friends, as well as brown. Mixing blue and white around a room sets the atmosphere like nothing else when used in conjunction with your new nautical decor. Brown is also quite nice, but not in conjunction with blue and white. Get what I'm saying? Keep some sense of color-matching while using colors to your advantage. This is sure to give your new decor way more oomph.

Tall Ship Under Sails 

Using Half Hull Sailboat Models in the Center Above Fireplace as Focal Point image source 

In the end, how far you want to go with this is up to you. Either way, though, using the above tips is the best way to make your new model ships pop.
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Wooden Decorative Oars are Perfect Nautical Wall Decor image source 

Kids Room Nautical Themed Interior image source 

Porthole Mirrors for Interior Design image source 

Stunning Pirate Ships Design for Kids Room image source 

Nautical Wonderland Pirate Ship Design Kids Room image source 

Here Another Idea Model Ship Hanging from the Ceiling


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