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By Stina Backer for CNN

1934 Gorch Fock Tall Ship 

Gorch Fock Decorative Tall Ship Model  (1:152 scale)

 Xebec Wooden Model Ship

Solei Royal Wooden Tall Ship Model Exclusive Edition

By Stina Backer for CNN
1800's Baltimore Clipper Harvey
1700's Royal Louis Tall Ship

Tall Ship Flying Cloud

Old Ironsides,” is the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat

Tall Ships Challenge. photo courtesy of SS Savannah, 1819, by Hunter Wood

 1765 Roayl Navy Gunship Saint Esprit

1765 Roayl Navy Gunship Saint Esprit
SS Savannah, 1819, by Hunter Wood;
Found on
New York Harbor 1860
Sailing ships at Sandridge (Port Melbourne) Railway Pier. The ships are moored on either side of the pier, and a steam locomotive hauling goods trucks is parked in the centre of the pier. Several rail lines run along the piers. Several people are standing

or sitting on the pier, and two men who are possibly a loco crew stand on the locomotive. A steam ship is visible on the left side of the pier. The locomotive was probably a pier-shunting 0-4-0 well tank type built by Robert Stephenson & Sons, England.
Mayflower II, New York Harbor
Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart
Mayflower II entering New York Harbor
 HMS Victory

1805 HMS Victory Admiral Nelson Flagship

The H.M.S. Victory was the ultimate British fighting vessel: a full rigged 227 feet long ship with 104 guns and 850 men when at full capacity. It is able to move from 15 to 17 kilometers per hour, and weighed as heavy as 7 tons, including guns. It was launched in 1765 and was most famous as Admiral Horatio Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson was shot and killed during the battle. H.M.S. Victory is the oldest naval ship still in commission. It has been restored and rests in a dry dock at Portsmouth, England. The ship in Portsmouth is the sixth ship with the name Victory in the Royal Navy. There has been great interest in the fifth Victory ship, which was built 15 years earlier and whose wreckage was found recently by Odyssey Marine Exploration.

Tall Ship Under Sails via

Amerigo Vespucci Italian Training Vessel
Ship Garthsnaid at sea c. 1920. Men can be seen in the rigging. via


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