Wednesday, August 12, 2015

  Do you love the ocean and go the beach every summer? If so, why not bring the ocean home with you? While you can't literally bring the beach home with you, what you can do is decorate your home with Nautical Decor. Maybe you are lucky enough to live by the ocean and you are looking for some Beach House Decorating ideas? There are many different items that you can bring into your home to give it a maritime feel. Today were are going to learn about several of these items that can communally be found. These items are cheaper to buy than furniture and will have your home looking like it belongs in a salty seaside town.

Ship Models For Decoration 

Rustic Sailboat Columbia Vintage Nautical Interior

 Rustic Columbia Sailboat

Rustic Columbia Sailboat Model

 Artifacts Accent Chest

Artifacts Accent Chest

Decorative Sailboats

•Ship Models- These are great for adding to your home and look great sitting on a book shelf or coffee table. They also make great conversational piece and guests will likely ask you the story behind them. While you can build them yourself you can also purchase them at store.

Wonderful Idea Incorporating Sailboats into Rustic Look 

•Nautical Lighting- Ship lights, beacons, signaling lights and fog lamps can add a nautical feel to your home. Place a few of these in your living room or common area. Just like Ship Models, Nautical Lighting make great conversational pieces and many people will want to know the back story behind them. You can purchase Nautical Lighting basically anywhere.
•Aviation Decor- Aviation Decor can also be nautical in nature. Pictures of navy planes flying over the ocean or planes landing on an aircraft carrier make great decorations. These can often be found at art galleries.

 Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Sailboat Models and Rustic Design via

 Nautical Lighting Ideas

Nautical Rustic Home Decor via

 Aviation Decor

 Decorative Portholes Found on
 Nautical Art Posters

 Nautical Art Posters

Nautical Art 

 Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker

Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker 

Decorative Sailboats via

Rustic Nautical Bedroom Design via 


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