Thursday, June 11, 2015

 If you live near the beach or you simply love the coast, designing the interior of your home with nautical décor, is a fun way to bring the ocean feeling into the home. A great way to add some natural flavor to your home is by using ship models as focal points. If you have a mantel piece or an area that you would like to draw attention to, boat model decoration will do the trick.
  If you are just moving into your new home and are having a house warming party, why not give your friends some nautical gifts ideas. This is a great way for you to get all the things you need for your home that will match your favorite theme. A beach house decorating theme can also contain other items such as seashells, pictures of sand dunes and lighthouses. No matter if you own a home on the beach or one in the middle of the suburbs, decorating it with a nautical theme is a great  way to enjoy your favorite place on earth.

Sailboat Model Columbia at the Foyer Entrance

 Yacht Enterprise


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