Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Maritime, Nautical-Coastal Furniture Collection

Nautical theme decorating  always cherish the people as it has the nostalgia of the bygone era. Maritime furniture collection encompasses a wide range of items such as rustic porthole cabinets, consoles, captains campaign theater  and so on. These are exclusively designed in order to meet the requirement of home furnishing industry.

Cape Code Console, Black

Dory Bookshelf

Porthole Cabinet
Casablanca Bar In Red

Cape Code Console 
At some point we realized furniture collection was turning into a labor of love. Originally devised as a home for Kunstkammer objets d'art, we somehow turned a corner in celebrating the nostalgia of a past sailing era, colonial trade, and now… beach life and style. We strive to make the practical exude romance and the historical to include a touch of contemporary. With their air of beach-view porches and sun-filled mooring docks beach lockers and cabinets celebrate Nantucket as well as Deauville. Making efficient use of every inch and centimeter, they hold towels and sailor's scarves, polo gear and golfing shoes. Air circulates ingeniously, banning odors and keeping things dry with fragrant freshness. Fold-out shelves hold shaving gear or jewelry, prop up mirrors and in general offer much appreciated workspace. A veritable balancing act of the exotic and matter-of-fact.

Captains Campaign Theater 

Purser's Chair, Ivory
Striking, yet unassuming , Purser's chair is an answer to many requests for a desk chair to match collection of desks. Classic design goes back to utilitarian furniture from Belle Epoque. Handmade in hardwood, chair will survive ages when treated with respect.


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