Thursday, January 17, 2013

    America's Cup ALINGHI 

The Alinghi is named after Ernesto Bertarelli's syndicate and was entered in the America's Cup In 2003, Ernesto had his first attempt at the America's Cup but had previously raced several other yachts named Alinghi. When entered in the 2003 America's Cup, held in Auckland New Zealand, Alinghi was able to win the race as well as defend the title in the 2007 America's Cup located in Valencia, Spain.

During the event in 2003, Team New Zealand, the current holder of the America's Cup, removed the nationality rule. This rule states that all crew members must be nationals of their countries that they represent.

Seeing this new rule, Alinghi was able to take advantage of the rule and leverage it. They hired many top ranking sailors around the world, mostly from New Zealand. With new recruitment from New Zealand, many natives saw this as disloyalty to their country, considering they were against Team New Zealand.

In 1881, Cuthbert, one of the most famous competition yacht builders of the era, built the “Atlanta.” This was the second attempt for Canada to try and win the America’s Cup. The “Atlanta” flew the burgee of the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club and was the first sloop rigged vessel to race for the America’s Cup.

On August 4th, 1883, “Cora,” defender of the Fisher cup, won the Cup again against “Aileen” and “Atlanta.” Four days later, Captain Cuthbert asked Chicago to waive the thirty-day challenge time limit for another race. A race was immediately sailed and “Atlanta” won the twelve-mile triangle race, which would bring the Fisher Cup to the Bay of Qunite Yacht.

In the winter of 1883-1884, Cuthbert designed and built another sloop, modeled after “Atlanta” for John Bell. This sloop, named after Bell’s daughter, “Norah” won the Fisher Cup on September 17, 1884.

                                                                 America's Cup  Endeavour Yacht Model

The Endeavour was boat from Great Britain, belonging to the Royal Yacht Squadron. The ship was Designed by Charles E. Nicholson, owned by Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith, and Engineered by Frank Murdoch. The Endeavour II was launched on June 8, 1936 under the commanding captain, George Williams whom was  unsuccessful challenger for the 1937 America’s Cup.


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