Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Famous America's Cup "Courageous"

America's Cup "Courageous"
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In 1974, Courageous won the American’s Cup in 1974 while skippered by Ted Hood. This 67-ft 12 Meter won again in 1977 with Navigators, Ted Turner and Dennis Conner at the helm. Courageous was recently renovated and restored to its 1977 configuration by the Courageous Foundation, which included new spars, mast, sails, deck, transom, and keel.

Courageous will be re-christened and lowered into the water for tours and photos. Members of the winning 1974 and 1977 America’s Cup campaign, including Dennis Conner and Ted Hood, accompanied by Rhode Island State dignitaries which are expected to be present.


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