Friday, October 26, 2012

 Black Prince Pirate Ship Model

Black Prince
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When we try to picture Benjamin Franklin, most of us think of the famous paints we see of our forefathers. From his images on the museum walls, he gently lookes down upon us. Almost no one associates him with any form of piracy. But in reality, Doctor Franklin commissioned some of the most amazing ventures in American History.
Just after the american revolution, Britan had a much higher number of American prisioners then America had British. The condition on british pirate ships were unspeakable with an estimated 13,000 Americans dying on them. This is a great amount when compared to the 4,300 killed in the actual american revolution.
As Benjamin Franklin heared these horrific tales. He tried to exchange prisioners with the british but soon realized that Britan had much more prisioners then America.
Franklin knew that the only way he could save all the American prisioners was to capture more british soliders, so he would have something to trade. Thus Franklin decided to commission privateers to capture british merchentmen at sea.


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