Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nautical Theme Decoration

If you love the sea and boating, why not bring your passion into
your home with a nautical decor scheme? However, nautical decor
isn’t just for sailors. It’s an ideal choice for apartments and dorm
rooms with white walls. White is the perfect background color for
nautical decor and so many rental units are white with no color
changes allowed. So incorporating a nautical decor theme into a
rental unit provides glamour on a low budget. For those who do have
a choice, sand beige, pale blue and pale green are also appropriate
background colors for nautical decor theme.
Nautical decor is also a great choice for kids’ rooms as they have an
inherent love for the beach and the sea and are attracted to the bright
colors. And what toddler doesn’t love building castles in the sand and
sailing ships in rain puddles?
A nautical decor scheme is easy to achieve as well as inexpensive.
It can all be done with accessories so if you change your residence,
you can pack up your decorating scheme and take it with you. Ships’
wheels provide a dramatic center of interest that changes any room
from boring to chic. Add nautical clocks in your kitchen, living room
and bedrooms. And you can enhance the appearance of a nautical
clock by trimming it with sea shells. You can also add a nautical
touch to mirrors and picture frame by trimming them with sea shells.
However, ships’ wheels and nautical clocks don’t need to be confined
to the house. They’re also perfect for a patio or deck.
Then complete your nautical decor with ships’ models. Ships’ models
are also versatile. Not only do they complement nautical decor but
they add a touch of tradition to practically any decorating scheme.
You can find early sailing ships’ models and civil war ships’ models
that are beautiful displayed on a mantle or on top of an armoire. In
a child’s room you can display a collection of ships’ models on a
wall shelf that is mounted above the windows. Ships’ models come
in different sizes and styles. If historical models don’t appeal, sleek
modern ships’ models are also available to add a little pizzazz to
modern minimalist decor.
Once you have chosen your accessories, you can complete your
nautical decor scheme with the addition of brightly colored cotton
pillows and a throw rug or two.


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